Company Branding Tips

We are proud to give you our top five tips on creating your company brand with the direction you need to make it stick.

Company branding is not just for the major players like Pepsi, Volkswagen, Toshiba and so on. It’s something that everyone needs to take seriously when thinking about marketing any business.

So what is a company brand?
Most people think of a company branding is just a logo or catch phrase, and they couldn’t be further from the truth. Think of company branding like a complete business plan so to speak, It’s how others see your business and shows everything from the service you provide to the morals your company stand for.

So whats 5 steps you can take, when starting you company brand?

  1. Start by defining what your business is about.
    So look at what makes up your business and pinpoint exactly what niche your business fits in.
  2. Think of your brand as a person.
    What values does this person have ? How would your business hold themselves
    as a person, are they strong willed? Confident? These are all things that you can base your brand around.
  3. Make it something you believe in.
    People who believe in the brand they are promoting will have a desire to push it further, be different. Create something that your staff and clients can get behind and see value in.
  4. Be bold and stand out.
    Whether its an obscure logo or slogan, you have to insure that you plant your brand in peoples heads. An example would be Nike “Just Do It”. They are telling you that anything is possible in a pair of Nike.
  5. Get everyone involved.
    Directors, staff and even clients should be included in your brand, think of new ways to push your brand forward from design to day-to-day business always look at exceeding expectations.

We hope these five tips assist you in the right direction when it comes to creating your company brand. Reason 2 Design prides itself on being at the forefront of not just designing your brand but being apart of it. If your looking at re-branding your business or even building on what you already have contact us directly and see how we can develop your passion online.

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