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In a world where internet marketing rules supreme, It’s hard for small businesses to create and maintain an online presence without the big budgets that big name competitors have. A perfect example is a client of ours Rebecca’s Jeweller’s, based in Southport, United Kingdom.

Rebecca’s a small family owned jewellers in the north of England, that has always prided its self on quality jewellery for its clients. But have some of the strongest online competitors, with big name jewelers throwing large amounts of money at advertising and search engine optimization.

Our platform for success revolves around constant interaction with our clients. Providing in-depth keyword & location analysis, marketing plans that include social media integration and overall company perspective. We need to know where you want your business to be in three, six and twelve months time. While still currently in our building stage (first three months of SEO) we have been able to place Rebeccas for twenty-one keywords within a google search, sixteen of these page #1 of Google.

Against those competitors?

Yes, against the same businesses that are investing thousands a month on search engine optimization. So how are we different? Well as I mentioned above we have a building process which includes the usual on page SEO. Things like meta descriptions, keyword rich content, title tags, internal page links etc etc. As well as increasing off site SEO (backlinks, social mentions etc) which are just as important.

BUT, we look at your business as if it were our own, creating a strategic marketing plan finding where your customers are and how to keep them coming back. We want your ROI (return on investment) to reflect our work, a quality well above our competitors.

You will be able to keep up to date with all the case studies online in a new section coming to the Reason 2 Design site over the next few months. Also be sure to check out our web-inars on SEO each month keeping you informed on all the latest news and tips to help you manage your own search engine optimization.

If you are looking to increase you companies online potential don’t hesitate to contact us either.

Scott Ballam
Managing Director.

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