Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine marketing and / or Search Engine Optimization has become one of, if not the most important part of any brand trying to market online in the twenty first century. Reason 2 Design shares the passion of online marketing coupled with design, two elements that are now key aspects to having your website rank on any search engine.


Areas we develop

  • On Page Content (Content Management, Writing Etc)
  • Alt Image Attributes
  • Link Building (Suitable for your niche)
  • Page Load Speeds (Metrix Optimization)
  • Social Media & Interactions
  • Local Business Optimization & Local Business Pages (Google + Bing)
  • Focus on Organic Traffic to save money!

Our Method


Assessing your competitors analytical history is key to any strong online marketing campaign, through utilizing the leading tools and methods currently available. We offer complete competitor analysis with breakdowns dating back as far as nine years showing their expenditure on Google ad-words right the way through to what backlinks they have as well as how each keyword performs down to the clicks per day. Finding keywords that hold traffic that relates to your niche is key.


The planning stage is important setting realistic targets on both traffic and conversions to your website. We sit down and discuss in detail the results from our assessment stage. Our focus is producing monthly meetings to gather fresh content to provide your users as well as keyword reviews. After we have agreed on a target for the first three, six and nine months we roll out the build stage.


We then build content around the information we have collated in the first step. This stage is important to insure that all platforms website and social media both share informative content surrounding your brand. The build stage also works on implementing title tags, alt image text along with all other on page optimization as well as generating high quality links reverting back to your site.


SEO has to be monitored and reviewed every month, we provide our clients with all the information you could imagine with break downs on keyword ranks to back link generation spreadsheets as well as lead generation reports. After each review month we go back to the build stage and build on what we have seen from the month prior. Marketing whether its online or off has to be a learning process finding what works and exposing it.

Our Latest Projects

Website Redesign

GovOHS - Government First Aid Training Specialists

Site Design | SEO | Planning

St. Mary Physiotherapy

Site Design | SEO| Clinic Planning

The Downtown Dental Clinic

Let's Work Together!

If you are looking to strategically build your brand we have the knowledge to show you how. Whether it's on a consulting basis or perform the work ourselves, we are building brands the right way.

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