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As we take another step forward on the path to SEO greatness we find ourselves at the link building stage. Yes, the process that was abused by many companies and sites, is still required today. It has however taken an new shape, gone are the days of just getting affiliate links or better yet “buying” link juice from websites who generate random links. Now we are seeing that Google has caught on to those evil black hatters, and we are glad they did. Search Engine Optimization has become a professionals industry and so it should be, to do well in online marketing you need to know what “marketing” is at its core.

So why did it all change?

Well if you have read any of our other Knowledge Base posts you would know that back in the early 2000’s, Google had a very basic way to rank sites. They thought that the more domains that reverted back to another domain would give it credibility. This process was given the name of “backlinks” or “Inbound links” as we hear it being called these days. These links were very easy to acquire and began to be exploited by nearly everyone in the industry. Websites could jump up a page rank within the matter of two or three crawls. Search results began to suffer and the quality of content that was being delivered was terrible. Google made some big changes to its ranking algorithm and stepped up the game, you can find out all those factors for 2016 in our last post here.

Link Building in 2016

We strongly advise all of our clients from doing any risky link building. Yes, we know that two years ago you could create your own PBN and get ranking within a few months. What is a PBN? (I can hear some asking) It’s a Private Blog Network basically a number of  blogs which are hosted on multiple domains that all revert back to the site you want to create links for. This technique is a “black hat” technique that Google is completely aware of and will penalize your domain for doing so.

You want to be creating inbound links that are relative to your niche to prevent any links being dropped. Google can now see a link they think is from an unrelated source and downgrade its worth or block it completely.

Five Steps To Permanent Links!

Here are the five best tips we can give you for creating those permanent links you have to have.

  1. Make It Relevant – Like we mentioned above keep the links relating to your brand. Google will give this more merit.
  2. Aim For Authority – You want to find the sites that are carrying the highest page authority.
    Sites like these below will help you find the best:

  3. More Traffic The Better – Make sure that the links you are getting are from sites with real traffic. The higher the flow the better.
    It may take time to find these sites but they are worth looking for.
  4. Be Trust Worthy – Always use sites that are trusted by Google and don’t have any dodgy ads or links to them.
    You can run the risk of being penalized off the back of bad domain links.
  5. Business Citations – One place people forget to target is business directories. This will give your Google Business a boost
    Most directories will also give you a Do Follow link. (Be sure to keep details 100% correct)

Who To Target?

Here are a few places to target to get those links. Remember all interactions on blogs, forums and social media networks are creating brand awareness, this alone will generate traffic to your site.

  • .Niche Relevant Forums – Fill out your profile, Abide by the rules, start a thread and be active in other forums.
  •  Editorial Links – Contacting a niche related blog editor with hope of writing content or being written about.
  •  Guest Post – Again look for blogs that have guest posting in your niche and write great content (as always).
  •  Competitors – Find out who your competitors link to for a starting point.


Creating backlinks are not easy in 2016, but if you do it correctly it can make a huge difference to your site performance.As most rank factors this year are about brand awareness link building on the fundamentals of your business are still going to create traffic. Stay positive and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. We hope this informative post gives you insight into search rankings for 2016. Please like, comment and share.

Written by:

Scott Ballam
Managing Director – Canada

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