Google Rank Factors 2016

A topic that is ever changing, yes Google has dropped some small secrets on the change to rank factors in 2016. As each year gradually moves on we slowly see more and more changes to Google rank algorithms. We believe its important for all our clients and blog readers to keep up to speed on all the changes to help your passion stay on top.

So what used to make pages rank?

In the past we had things like Google Page Rank (a system that evaluated the quality and quantity of links to a website) a term widely used through out search engine optimization, but with the evolving AI that Google has at its whim it seems that Google Page Rank made a quick exit. Obviously back in the early 2000’s we knew that back links were pretty much all that mattered, Google wised up to the monopoly of pay per link services and personal link servers people had been creating to cheat the system. In doing so they slowly made changes to their rank factors. in 2005 domain attributes and site popularity (globally) became Googles key focus.

So now ten years on?

Some ten years on Googles key focus is still with popularity but on a far bigger scale. As social media became such a widely used concept on the internet, Google rank has now started incorporating social media mentions. Yes, much like the Google Business review sections, now if you are getting good reviews and interactions on things like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn they will contribute to websites overall rank. But are these the only factors? Of course not.

The Big Three!

This is the list basically a break down of the big three things you need to focus on to make sure your at the top of you game for search engine optimization for 2016. However factors like domain age, keyword in domain name and number of pages are all smaller contributing factors that don’t make the big three.

  1. On Site Presence – Content is King, On site content that relates to your business / brand is still #1 and always will be.
    A site with valuable content to its niche keeps users on the site longer which is also a factor.
    This includes all your on site optimization, title tags, meta, page load speed etc etc.
  2. Off Site Presence – Backlinks, No-Follow Links, Topical mentions on other sites, Social media accounts for your brand,
    Social media mentions, reviews, brand searches and blog posts about your brand.
  3.  User Interaction –  A major new factor is how the users interact on your site. Things like bounce and click through rates are
    now a huge part of SEO for 2016. Is Google giving the user the right result showing your brand are users
    staying on your site and returning to your site. Do they get to conversions if your site has commerce?

What not to do?

Here are a few things that you should not be doing in 2016 for your Google rank.

Black Hat SEO 
The miracle fix to SEO, the promise to rank on page 1. Times have changed SEO is more about being professional marketing consultants rather than just throwing a few quick links up to get you ranked in a month or two. Googles new security algorithms will not only drop your rank but black list your domain.

Blog Crappy Content
If your running a business that is competing for the top spot of your niche, don’t think you can just post content randomly to get ranked. User interaction is paramount so posting crappy content will only increase bounce rates and drop the time users spend on your site. Again causing your site to drop through the rankings.

Expect To Rank For Any Keyword
Businesses and brands who think they can out rank big name corporations are crazy. Smart marketing analysis and knowledge or your competition is the key to success. The right keywords can get you traffic and conversions the opposite well obviously will do you harm and drop you down the rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is always changing, its developed around marketing more than ever before. While it may seem daunting you have to understand the time and education required to master its full potential. Reason 2 Design is proud to stay at the top of our game while making sure we pass down that education to our clients and readers. Complete online management and consulting is always available to give your business the structure it needs.

If you require any information or quotations on managing your online presence contact us via the contact form to the right. We hope this informative post gives you insight into search rankings for 2016. Please like, comment and share.

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