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Whether your starting a new business or twenty year veteran in your industry, Google business should be on your watch list if not already under creation. We have all heard how important search engine optimization is and if you haven’t well….

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So whats the importance of Google Business that’s lost on a lot of business owners? Our aim today is to give you the edge on what Google business can do for your company, as well as tips on how to stay on top of your competitors.

So what is Google Business?

Well Google Business is simply a geographic business listing for companies with in a certain area. So if do a search on Google for Takeaways in Southport. If you look at the image on the right you will see a listing of all the businesses that are listed as “Takeaways” from the area of “Southport”. You can see the listings have important details such as address, phone numbers, websites and even reviews.

So why not just have my site rank normally?

There are a number of reasons Google Business gives you an advantage over people who just rank their sites organically Here are just a few…

  • They’re normally located above the standard search results.
  • Your business’s address and phone number is displayed alongside them.
  • A direct link to your business’s location on a map is provided.
  • A direct link to reviews left by your customers is provided.
  • You will out rank international businesses and let the little guys in.
  • It also boosts your websites off page “SEO”.

How to move up the rankings?

Once your Google Business page is created and you have claimed your location verified and are ranking for your business industry you will need to start optimizing your Google Business to rank.

  1. Business Directories : Googles AI basically determines how often your business name, address and phone number (NAP) is cited or listed on the internet.The more you have, usually the better your search rankings will be. Similar to the way backlinks work on a website.
  2. Reviews: So Google wants to give its customers (people searching) the best results it can, so a business that has great reviews will rank higher than one that has none at all. Proving that that business is a better search for the end user.
  3. On Page Details (NAP): Another thing that Google will confirm is that your business details are the same as the one on your website. Now this is to the letter if you have a wrong address or contact number they will pick it up.

It’s taking to much of my time…

While Google Business is fairly simple task for any business to setup just like search engine optimization you need to monitor and update your rankings almost weekly. A bad review or even a bad link can cause you to fall down the rankings. If your online presence is lacking the traffic it should be getting be sure to contact us. Everything from personal training to complete online marketing development is just an email away. Contact us to get your passion online.

I hope you all find this post informative, if there is something you would like to know about online presence comment below. We are always looking at helping educating our clients and followers the best we can.

Scott Ballam,

Managing Director.

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