Domain Authority… What is it?

This week we launch into the authority side of SEO. One thing we always get asked is, what is domain authority? To be fair its a good question, as its a valuable tool to find out where your website ranks against the competition.

Where did it come from?

The term “Domain Authority” was created by “SEOMOZ”  who opened it’s doors in 2004. In 2007 they officially launched their own Pro tool which gave the industry another analytical tool, other than Google Page Rank. The following year saw the launch of MOZscape which was a privatized platform that would crawl the web giving unique analytic to all its subscribers. Fast forward to March of 2016, Google announce the death of Google Page Rank, giving MOZ the lead in open source analytical tools on the web. They apply each site with the ranking called “Domain Authority”.

So hows it all worked out?

Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) that basically predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. It’s  calculated by combining all of your link metrics—linking root domains, number of total links, domain age, link scores etc.—into a single score. This gives you an “idea” of how well you website will rank on the search engines.

Another Big Three!

So there is another big three, this time in domain authority and to be honest they aren’t really that big. If your worried about domain authority and how competitive your site is against others then these three are the things that count.

  1. Age – How long has your domain been registered is a key factor to your overall domain authority.
  2. Popularity – Just like Google brand awareness and how many people are linking back to you is in the big 3.
  3.  Size –  Contrary to most people’s believe size matters. The bigger the better the more pages the better.

So how to I get a better domain authority?

Well here’s the thing. Keep the ball rolling and maintain your site, Google has leveled the playing field and those people doing things right are starting to see the benefits. Nice guys don’t finish last not even close. Those taking the time building good links targeting the right keywords and writing good content will increase their DA without a doubt.

Hope that clears up some fuzziness, If you require any information search engine optimization contact us via the contact form to the right. Remember be nice and please like, comment and share.

Scott Ballam,

Managing Director

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