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Dental Clinic Marketing & Our Success

It’s more than just sending traffic to a website. Reason 2 Design are one of the few that share their knowledge of dental clinic systems and management to work alongside your lead generation. Upon first assessment it’s crucial we know the services (dental implants, pediatric etc) you want to focus on. As well as knowing what yields the highest return on investment for your practice. We dive into the systems you have in place for both monitoring and converting potential leads. Unfortunately on most occasions dental clinics / dentists struggle with the business management, just as much as the marketing of their clinic.

Rather than just build a website, optimize it and get you traffic- like most other digital marketing agencies. Reason 2 Design strategically plans and monitors the success to show your return on investment at every stage. But we go one step further by developing internal systems from reception to management to help qualify and convert those leads. Building databases through applications such as Dentrix and The Lighthouse 360 (among others) to ensure patient satisfaction and engagement.

Our case study below shows the organic traffic growth we have achieved for The Downtown Dental Clinic over a five month period. Yes – five months! This stems from a broader range of content and services (developed and implemented by Reason 2 Design) to ensure the potential patients relate to the content and convert to new business. Delivering five times the amount of qualified traffic which resulted on average to 15 – 20 new active patients per month.

New patients are only part of the puzzle, non-active patients required engagement and communication in the hope to bringing them back online. Performing SWOT (Strengths & Weakness + Opportunities & Threat) analysis quarterly has shed some light of internal processes that need implementation / adjustment to retain and grow the clinic.

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