Web Design prices to high? Thank goodness for BREXIT

So you’re sat there thinking about a new website, but prices are so high for a new site and how do you promote your site? Prices aren’t cheap for SEO or Social Media Management. If only there were a way I could shave a little off the price and bring everything within my budget. But wait – there is, thanks BREXIT.

So how exactly does Brexit mean I can save money?

At Reason 2 Design we price all our products and services in Pound Sterling, therefore due to BREXIT (the UK leaving the European Union) and the pound being at 31yr low you can now take advantage of this by gaining a much cheaper price on your web design and SEO.

On average in USA & Canada right now you can save 15%

Reason 2 Design see the positive in Brexit

We approach our business the same way as we approach any of our clients. This is why what we provide our clients works; we look for the positive in any situation and apply the positive marketing strategy to the situation. The Brexit is only an example, this methodology can be applied across the majority of business or action plans for Branding, Marketing, the way you build your website and much more. The way you and your business compose yourself ultimately sets out whether you will just get by, make a little money or be a very profitable business and we feel that it is important even in times like this one now with Brexit being on the tip of everyone’s tongues around the world, you can still succeed easily with the right frame of mind.

See the chart at the top of the blog to give you an example of the price savings and for more information on the levels of service across the offers just get in touch.

If you are looking for help with your companies Social Media or online presence, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

You can also see more information on our products and services and many examples of our work on our Facebook page.

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